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The First ever blended course on Embedded Systems & IoT, Master in Embedded Systems and IoT online course (MESIOT) is a Flagship course conducted by ISM UNIV; it’s an interesting course which prepares you as matured Embedded & IoT Engineer, and puts you in future track with JAVA & PYTHON. It’s designed carefully to utilize the study period effectively and train you to the skills essentially required by an Embedded and IoT Engineer. 

we are providing the relevant to the Embedded Systems and IOT course Training Institute in Bangalore. You can compare MESIOT course with any other training centers in India or any universities offering MTech programs on Embedded Systemsyou would come to know that MESIOT course offered by ISM UNIV is the best Embedded and IoT course offered in the country. ISM UNIV is one of the Best Embedded Systems and IoT course Training Institute Bangalore, Hyderabad in India offering world class training with excellent Placements.

This course takes you from Basics of Embedded Systems and IoT to Most advanced concepts of Embedded Systems and IoT with JAVA & PYTHON as Enablers. After Successful Completion this course the participants will be able to Develop Embedded Systems and IoT Device Independently with maturity.

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Course Content

Atmega Intro
Atmega archi
Atmega pin
Instruction set
Emb C
Sensor and actuators

Introduction and Proteus Installation
Serial Communication
Sensor interfacing
ESP+Cloud computing





  • Introduction to DS
  • Types of arrays
  • Array Operations
  • Intro to Linked List
  • Single linked list
  • Reversing Single linked list
  • Circular Linked list
  • Double linked list
  • Stack Implementation
  • Queue Implementation
  • Searching techniques
  • Sorting techniques
  • Expression evaluation
  • Tree implementation
  • File Handling

  • Introduction to OOPS
  • Intro to C++
  • Simple programs, tokens
  • Operators, control statements
  • New and delete
  • Ref variable and parameters
  • Functions in C++
  • Class and Object
  • Friend function, static function
  • Constructors and destructors
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Operator overloading
  • Exception handling
  • File handling
  • Templates

Introduction to IoT
Intro to cloud
IOT Protocols

Introduction to IoT
Intro to cloud
IOT Protocols

Introduction to IoT
Intro to cloud
IOT Protocols

  • RTOS- Basics
  • Introduction to PM
  • Process States
  • PCB
  • Algorithms
  • LINUX- Introduction
  • Kernel Architecture
  • PM- I
  • PM- II
  • PCB
  • fork() call
  • Types of Processes
  • vfork(), wait()
  • exec(), clone()
  • IPCs- Files
  • Pipes
  • Fifos
  • Message Queues
  • Shared Memory
  • Semaphores
  • Signals
  • Sockets
  • File Management
  • Memory Management

  • Basics of AI & ML
  • Basics of Data Science
  • Basics of Big Data
  • Basics of Block Chain
  1. ATMega 328
  2. ARM Cortex
  3. Protocol Drivers 
  4. Internet of Things

  • Introduction
  • Module Parameters
  • DMA, Driver Entry points
  • Driver Registration
  • Interrupt Handling
  • IO Ports, IO Memory
  • Entry points in detail
  • llseek, ioctl
  • Capabilities
  • Race Conditions
  • Interrupt Locks, Semaphores
  • Spin Locks, Atomic Operators
  • Wait Queues

Python Basics
Identifiers and keywords,type conversion
list and tuple operation
dictionary operation,string operations
Conditional statement
loops with break,continue, pass and else
modules and package
class and object
try and exception
file handling
Recap Preparation

  • Introduction
  • Programming – LED+SW
  • Sensor interfacing
  • Actuators
  • 1-wire
  • socket programming
  • E-mail sending
  • Connecting to Thingspeak
  • Connecting to AWS
  • Connecting to IBM

Excellent Placements @ ISM UNIV
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ISM UNIV Excellent Placements 100%: We are a proud Institution having helped most of our students in their career-building process. We conduct minimum 15 interviews per month and place students. Which is genuinely far ahead of any of our competitors. 
We have a client base across India and abroad, we work with MNC’s and MSI, we cater to all our clients with trained manpower and we ensure our client satisfied with the manpower supplied. We ensure this with Quality training.
Weprovide100%genuine placement assistance and guidance and help You to begin an innovative career.
We promise you that we provide interviews until you get a job. We have placed 15000+ students so far…. ISM UNIV Provides Excellent Placements from day-1 of the course


11 Reasons Why You Would Like To Join ISM UNIV

  1. Placements from Day-1 of the course.
  2. Professional Soft skill & Interview Training.
  3. Courses are best suited for the industry.
  4. Experienced Faculty will Guide your Career.
  5. Best Infrastructure.
  6. Complete Project Assistance.
  7. Reasonable Fee & Payable in Installments.
  8. Merit Scholarships.
  9. Backup AV sessions for absentees.
  10. 27 years of Experience in the Industry.
  11. Largest Training Institution in India.

Technology BootStrap

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Big Data
  4. Data Science
  5. Block Chain
The use of embedded systems plays a major role in the projects at ISM Univ. Embedded systems are computer systems that are integrated into other devices or products to perform specific functions. These systems are used in a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, medical devices, transportation systems, and industrial control systems. At ISM Univ, projects related to embedded systems may include the design and development of new devices and systems, the implementation of control algorithms, the integration of sensors and actuators, and the implementation of communication protocols. These projects may involve the use of microcontrollers, embedded operating systems, and programming languages such as C or Python. The focus on embedded systems at ISM Univ reflects the growing importance of these systems in modern technology and the increasing demand for professionals with expertise in this field. The use of keyword "ISM Univ" in the description highlights the unique aspects of the projects and the focus of the university.

Master in Embedded Systems and IoT course has 5 Projects to be completed by students before their course completion

These Projects are Real Time and Created by Project Managers & Architects and Industry Professionals, The Projects will be based on 5 Technologies:

  1. ATMega 328
  2. ARM Cortex
  3. Protocol Driver
  4. IoT 
  5. Linux


  • BE/BTech/BSc/Diploma in ECE, EEE, CS, IS, IT
  • Mtech/MCA in ECE, EEE, CS, IS, IT
  • Professionals working on Embedded Projects
  • Interest in Embedded Systems & IoT Career.

Value Addition (FREE) for all Students

  1. 10 e-learning courses
  2. Soft copy of all software used in the course
  3. Access to E-library during course period
  4. Aptitude practice sessions
  5. Soft-skill sessions 

Companies where our students are placed

What Our Students Say

Embedded Systems are Application Specific Computers

Computers apart from General purpouse computers can be reffered as Embedded Systems.

Genral purpourse computers like PC,LAPTOPS, MINI/MAIN FRAMES & SUPER COMPTERS 

Computers apart from such General purpouse computers are classified as Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems are designed for a specific Application.

IoT – Internet of Things
Devices which gets connected to Cloud to obtain variouse CLOUD SERVICES are referred as THINGS.

INTERNET is required to connect THINGS to CLOUD.

IoT is a sub domain of Embedded Systems which elevates how Embedded Intelligent devices can come out of boundaries and localization.

Anyone who wants to peruse Career in Embedded Systems Design &Development and IoT .

Little knowledge on Electronics helps the Participants to pickup the subject Quickly, Though its not mandatory.

Engineers and Graduates with Knowldge of Electronics should be verymuch eligible to do this course.

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In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, the field of embedded systems holds immense potential. From smart devices and IoT applications to automotive systems and medical devices, embedded systems play a crucial role in powering our interconnected world. Aspiring professionals seeking to capitalize on this growing industry can turn to ISM University, a renowned institution that offers comprehensive courses in Embedded SystemsIoT Full Stack Java, and Full Stack Python. With a track record of providing a 100% success rate in training students, ISM University stands as a beacon of excellence in preparing individuals for thriving careers in these domains.

Embedded Systems: The Driving Force of Modern Innovation Embedded systems form the foundation of countless technological advancements we rely on daily. They are specialized computer systems designed to perform dedicated functions within larger devices or systems. From smartphones and home automation to industrial control systems and autonomous vehicles, embedded systems enable seamless communication, real-time data processing, and efficient device control. As the demand for smart and connected devices continues to rise, so does the need for skilled professionals who can design, develop, and maintain these intricate systems.

ISM University’s Comprehensive Embedded Systems Course: ISM University recognizes the significance of embedded systems and the immense potential they offer to professionals. Their comprehensive Embedded Systems course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this rapidly evolving field. The course covers a wide range of topics, including microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, embedded software development, hardware-software co-design, and system integration.

The faculty at ISM University comprises industry experts and experienced practitioners who provide hands-on training and mentorship. Students gain practical experience through projects that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical challenges. By fostering a supportive learning environment and emphasizing industry-relevant skills, ISM University ensures that graduates are well-prepared to make a seamless transition into the workforce.

IoT Full Stack Java and Full Stack Python: Expanding Career Opportunities In addition to their Embedded Systems course, ISM University also offers specialized training in IoT Full Stack Java and Full Stack Python. These courses cater to professionals who want to explore the intersection of embedded systems and full-stack development, opening doors to a broader range of career opportunities.

The IoT Full Stack Java course equips students with the skills needed to build robust IoT applications. Students learn Java programming, web development, cloud computing, and data analytics, enabling them to design and deploy end-to-end IoT solutions. This comprehensive course empowers individuals to develop scalable and secure IoT applications that leverage the power of embedded systems.

Similarly, the Full Stack Python course focuses on developing proficiency in Python programming, web development, and database management. Students gain a deep understanding of building dynamic web applications and harnessing the capabilities of embedded systems through Python. This course enables individuals to become versatile professionals capable of tackling complex challenges in the world of embedded systems and full-stack development.

ISM University’s 100% Success Rate: A Testament to Excellence One of the distinguishing factors of ISM University is its exceptional track record of providing a 100% success rate in training students. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the institution’s commitment to delivering high-quality education and preparing students for successful careers. ISM University’s holistic approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and industry exposure, ensures that graduates possess the skills and confidence needed to excel in the competitive job market.

Conclusion: In the realm of technology, embedded systems form the backbone of innovation, enabling us to interact with and control the world around us. ISM University’s Embedded Systems, IoT Full Stack Java, and Full Stack Python courses offer aspiring professionals a pathway to enter and thrive in this exciting field. With a 100% success rate in training, ISM University stands as



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In today’s technology-driven world, the field of embedded systems plays a crucial role in powering numerous devices and systems we rely
on daily. From smartphones and smart appliances to healthcare equipment and
automotive systems, embedded systems provide the foundation for seamless
connectivity and intelligent functionality. If you’re passionate about this
fascinating domain and want to enhance your skills or embark on a career in
embedded systems, look no further than ISM University’s comprehensive online
courses. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of studying embedded systems through ISM University’s online courses, alongside their offerings in
IoT Full Stack Java and Full Stack Python.

Understanding the Importance of Embedded SystemsEmbedded systems refer to specialized computer systems designed to perform dedicated
functions within larger systems or devices. They combine hardware and software
components to facilitate efficient and optimized operations. As the world
becomes increasingly interconnected, the demand for professionals well-versed
in embedded systems continues to rise. By enrolling in ISM University’s online
courses, you’ll gain a deep understanding of this field and its significance in
various industries.

Unveiling ISM University’s Online Courses: a) Embedded Systems Course: ISM University offers an online course dedicated to mastering
embedded systems. Through this course, you’ll delve into the intricacies of
microcontrollers, real-time operating systems, firmware development, and
hardware-software integration. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced
professional looking to enhance your skills, this course covers fundamental
concepts and advanced topics to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

b) IoT Full Stack Java Course: In addition to embedded
systems, ISM University provides an online course on IoT Full Stack Java. The
Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we interact with
technology. This course empowers you to build end-to-end IoT applications using
Java, covering areas such as sensor integration, data analytics, cloud
computing, and user interface development. By mastering IoT Full Stack Java,
you’ll be equipped to develop innovative IoT solutions and contribute to the ever-expanding
IoT ecosystem.

c) IoT Full Stack Python Course: ISM University recognizes
the versatility and popularity of Python in the programming community. Their
IoT Full Stack Python course enables you to harness the power of Python to
develop cutting-edge IoT applications. From data acquisition and processing to
cloud integration and visualization, this course equips you with the skills
needed to create robust and scalable IoT solutions using Python.

Benefits of Online Learning with ISM University: a)
Flexibility: ISM University’s online courses provide flexibility, allowing you
to learn at your own pace and fit your studies around your existing
commitments. This convenience is ideal for professionals seeking to upskill or
students who prefer self-paced learning.

b) Expert Faculty: The courses are designed and taught by
industry experts with extensive experience in embedded systems, IoT, and
programming. You’ll receive guidance from seasoned professionals who understand
the practical application of the concepts you’ll be learning.

c) Hands-on Projects: ISM University emphasizes hands-on
learning to enhance your practical skills. Through projects and assignments,
you’ll gain real-world experience and develop a portfolio that showcases your

d) Networking Opportunities: Engage with a diverse community
of learners and professionals through online forums and discussions. ISM
University fosters an interactive learning environment where you can connect,
collaborate, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals.

Conclusion: Embark on a rewarding journey into the world of
embedded systems, IoT Full Stack Java, or IoT Full Stack Python with ISM
University’s online courses. These courses provide a comprehensive education,
empowering you to develop cutting-edge solutions and pursue exciting career
opportunities in the field. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced
professional, ISM University equips you with the knowledge, skills, and
industry insights needed


Embedded systems are computer systems that are integrated into other products to perform specific functions. They are designed to perform a limited number of tasks and are often found in everyday devices such as mobile phones, televisions, home appliances, and even vehicles. These systems are typically composed of a combination of hardware and software components, with the software being written to perform a specific set of tasks. The hardware component of an embedded system is designed to be compact and low-power, making it ideal for use in portable and battery-operated devices.

One of the key characteristics of embedded systems is that they are often required to operate in real-time, meaning that they must respond to inputs and events within a certain amount of time. This is in contrast to traditional computer systems, which are not required to respond to inputs in real-time. In order to meet these real-time requirements, embedded systems must be designed with a strong emphasis on efficiency and reliability. This often involves using specialized hardware components and software optimization techniques to minimize power consumption and maximize processing speed.

Another important aspect of embedded systems is that they are often integrated into larger products as part of a complete system. This means that they must be designed to work seamlessly with the other components of the system, including sensors, actuators, and other devices. To achieve this, embedded systems typically use standardized communication protocols, such as Ethernet or USB, to allow the different components of the system to communicate with each other.

Embedded systems are used in a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics and home appliances to automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. They are an essential component of many modern products and play a critical role in enabling new and innovative technologies. For example, embedded systems are used in cars to control engine functions, provide entertainment and navigation systems, and monitor safety systems such as airbags and seat belts.

In conclusion, embedded systems play a vital role in many areas of modern technology and are found in a wide range of products. They are designed to perform specific functions in a real-time environment, and must be integrated with other components to form a complete system. Their ability to perform critical tasks efficiently and reliably makes them an essential component in many modern technologies.

ISM UNIV provides training in the field of embedded systems. The university offers courses that cover both the hardware and software aspects of embedded systems, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the technology. Students can expect to learn about microcontrollers, programming languages such as C and Assembly, and the design of real-time systems. The training also covers advanced topics in embedded systems, such as the design of IoT devices, and the use of real-time operating systems.

In addition to formal coursework, students at ISM UNIV also have opportunities to work on real-world projects and develop practical skills in the design and implementation of embedded systems. The university’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and highly experienced faculty provide students with the tools and support they need to succeed in this field.

ISM UNIV embedded systems training is designed for students and professionals who are interested in pursuing careers in the development of embedded systems and related technologies. The curriculum is structured to provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of embedded systems and prepares students for a wide range of careers in industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical devices.

Overall, the embedded systems training at ISM UNIV provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this dynamic and rapidly growing field. With a focus on both theory and practical application, students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for a wide range of career opportunities.

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