Full Stack PYTHON Development ( FSPD )

Full Stack PYTHON Development ( FSPD ) is a course designed for professionals to set their career in Full Stack PYTHON Development covering all essential Technologies and Programming concepts to develop complete software with PYTHON & ADVANCED PYTHON which is an essential skill that every software engineers must have, it’s an interesting course which prepares you as matured PYTHON & ADVANCED PYTHON and puts you in future track with Software Engineering career. It’s designed carefully to utilize the study period effectively and train you to the skills essentially required by a Python Programmers. The syllabus is carefully build with accommodating all essential skills required by Software Engineer. You can compare FSPD course with any other training centers in India you would come to know that FSPD course offered by ISM UNIV is the best Full stack PYTHON Programming course offered in the country. ISM UNIV is one of the best Full Stack PYTHON Training Institute Bangalore, Hyderabad in India offering world class training with excellent Placements. This course takes you from Basics of Programming to Most advanced concepts of Implementing PYTHON Concepts practically. After Successful Completion this course the participants will be able a mature and Independent Full Stack PYTHON Developer.


We are a proud Institution having helped most of our students in their career building process. We conduct minimum 15 interviews per month and place students. Which is genuinely far ahead of any of our competitors. We have client base across India and abroad, We work with MNC’s and MSI, we cater all our clients with trained manpower and we ensure our client satisfied with the manpower supplied. We ensure this with Quality training.

We provide 100% genuine placement assistance and guidance and help You to begin an innovative career. Placement opportunities can be taken from beginning of the course depending on your preparedness, We promise you that we provide interviews until you get a job. We have placed 15000+ students so far….

Track Record : 95% of ISM students are Placed

Highlights :

  • Placements starts from the beginning of the course and after the course also.
  • No Fixed no of Interviews
  • Interviews until you get Job
  • Placements from MNC’s, MSI , Startups etc….
  • Placements Across India
  • Professional Training on Interview Preparations.
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I SUSHMEETHA MUPPANA taken Embedded & IoT Training at ISM UNIV , I am very happy and fortunate having Joined ISM UNIV , This institution provides Professional Training to the core and makes students a professional Embedded & IoT Developer. I am Currently working at Robert Bosch Bangalore. Thank You ISM.

SUSHMEETHA MUPPANA, Robert Bosch Bangalore

Course Modules / Content

  1. An Introduction to Python
    • What can Python do?
    •  Why Python?
    •  Good to know
    •  Python Syntax compared to other programming languages
    •  Python Install
  2. Beginning Python Basics
    • The print statement
    • Comments
    •  Python Data Structures & Data Types
    •  String Operations in Python
    • Simple Input & Output
    •  Simple Output Formatting
    •  Operators in python
  3. Python Program Flow
    • Indentation
    • The If statement and its’ related statement
    • An example with if and it’s related statement
    • The while loop
    • The for loop
    • The range statement
    • Break &Continue
    • Assert
    • Examples for looping
  4. Functions& Modules
    • Create your own functions
    • Functions Parameters
    • Variable Arguments
    • Scope of a Function
    • Function Documentations
    • Lambda Functions& map
    • Create a Module
    • Standard Modules
  5. Exceptions Handling
    • Errors
    • Exception handling with try
    • handling Multiple Exceptions
    • Writing your own Exception
  6.  File Handling
    • File handling Modes
    • Reading Files
    • Writing& Appending to Files
    • Handling File Exceptions
    • The with statement
  7. Classes In Python
    • New Style Classes
    • Creating Classes
    • Instance Methods
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions
  8. Generators and iterators
    • Iterators
    • Generators
    • The Functions any and all With Statement
    • Data Compression
  9. Data Structures
    • List Comprehensions
    • Nested List Comprehensions
    • Dictionary Comprehensions
    • Functions
    • Default Parameters
    • Variable Arguments
    • Specialized Sorts
  10. Collections
    • namedtuple()
    • deque
    • ChainMap
    • Counter
    • OrderedDict
    • defaultdict
    • UserDict
    • UserList
    •  UserString


  1. Writing GUIs in Python (Tkinter)
    • Introduction
    • Components and Events
    • An Example GUI
    • The root Component
    • Adding a Button
    • Entry Widgets
    • Text Widgets
    • Check buttons
  2. Python SQL Database Access
    • Introduction
    • Installation
    • DB Connection
    • Creating DB Table
    • INSERT, READ, UPDATE, DELETE operations
    • COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
    • handling Errors
  3. Network Programming
    • Introduction
    • A Daytime Server
    • Clients and Servers
    • The Client Program
    • The Server Program
  4. Date and Time
    • sleep
    • Program execution time
    • more methods on date/time
  5. Few more topics in-detailed
    • Filter
    • Map
    • Reduce
    • Decorators
    • Frozen set
    • Collections
  6. Regular expression
    • Split
    • Working with special characters, date, emails
    • Quantifiers
    • Match and find all
    • character sequence and substitute
    • Search method
  7. Threads ESSENTIAL
    • Class and threads
    • Multi-threading
    • Synchronization
    • Treads Life cycle
    • use cases
  8. Accessing API ESSENTIAL
    • Introduction
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Openweather
  1. HTML
  2. HTML Introductio
  3. HTML Basic tags
  4. HTML- Formatting
  5. HTML Attributes
  6. Meta tags
  7. HTML Comments
  8. HTML Images
  9. HTML- Tables
  10. HTML- Lists
  11. HTML Text-Links
  12. HTML Blocks
  13. HTML Forms
  14. HTML Embed- Multimedia
  15. HTML Marquees
  16. HTML Frames


  1. CSS Overview
  2. CSS Syntax
  3. CSS Selectors
  4. CSS Types
  5. CSS Colors
  6. CSS Backgrounds
  7. CSS Fonts
  8. CSS Table
  9. CSS List
  10. CSS BOX Model
  11. CSS Padding
  12. CSS Dimensions
  13. CSS Pseudo Classes

Java Script

  1. JS Overview
  2. JS Syntax
  3. JS Variables
  4. JS Operators
  5. JS Control Statements
  6. JS Functions
  7. JS Events
  8. JS Dialog Boxes
  9. JS Objects
  10. JS Error & Exceptions
  11. JS Form Validation
  • Overview
  • Environment
  •  Creating a Project
  • Apps Life Cycle
  •  Admin Interface
  • Creating Views
  • URL Mapping
  • Template System
  • Models
  • Page Redirection
  • Sending E-mails
  • Generic Views
  • Form Processing
  • File Uploading
  • Apache Setup
  • Cookies Handling
  • Sessions
  • Caching
  • Comments
  • RSS
  •  AJAX


  1. ER Diagram
  2. Constraints
  3. Datatypes
  4. DQL
    • Selection and Projection
    • Different types of sql clause
    • Sql Function
    • Single Row Function
    • Multi Row Function
    • Subquery
    • Co – related Subquery
    • Group Functions
    • Joins
      • Equi
      • Self
      • Non-equi
      • Outer
  5. DDL
    • Create
    • Alter
    • Rename
    • Drop
    • Truncate
  6. DML
    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
  7. DTL
    • Commit
    • Rollback
    • Savepoint
  8. DCL
    • Grant
    • Revoke
  9. Basics PL/SQL
  1. Basics of SDLC
  2. Basics of Software Testing
  3. Basics of Selenium
  5. Basics of DEVOPS
  6. Basics of GIT
  7. Overview of different Test Methods

This course has 60% Lab Sessions & 40% Class room sessions , This course trains you on all skills required in the Industry as an Full Stack PYTHON Developer  Nothing more & Nothing Less


Full Stack PYTHON Development course ha 5 Projects to be completed by students before their course completion

These Projects are REAL TIME created by Project Managers & Architects of renowned Professionals from Data Science Industry. The Projects will be based 5 different Technologies examples are :

1. Full Website Development
2. Ecommerce Site Development
4. Java Script
5. Django

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Soft skill training becomes an essential ingredient of any finishing school , most Corporate prefers candidates trained on soft skills. We train students on essential Soft skills like :

* Building Positive Attitude
* How to crack the Interview
* Personality Development
* Entrepreneurship Development
* Working with Team

Course Fee

Please contact us for course fee
we will let you know with any current Offers


400 Hrs
(100 Working days, 4 months)


  1. 80% Instructor lead Training (320 hrs) + 20% online training (80 hrs)
  2. Course Materials
  3. Certificate
  4. 100% Genuine Placements
  5. Interview Preparations


  • BE/BTech/BSc/Diploma in CS / IS , BCA
  • Mtech/MCA in CS, IS, IT
  • Professionals working on Projects
  • Interest in Full Stack JAVA Development.


  1. 10 e-learning courses
  2. Soft copy of all software used in the course
  3. Access to E-library during course period
  4. Aptitude practice sessions
  5. Soft-skill sessions


  • A bachelor/master’s in computer science, electronics electrical and related fields.
  • Basic programming knowledge

we assure you 100% placements.

Full-stack Python development refers to the development of both front end and back end portions of an application. This web development process involves all three-layer- Presentation layer (front end part that deals with the user interface), Business Logic Layer (back end part that deals with data validation) and the Database Layer. It takes care of all the steps from the conception of an idea to the actual finished product.
  • Python Developer Backend developer.
  • Full Stack Developer.
Python programmer salary in India: ₹427,293
Python Web Developer: ₹309,161
Machine Learning Engineer: ₹671,548
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  4. ISM UNIV has the best Faculty team who are experienced and capable of shaping your Career
  5. Best Infrastructure
  6. Complete Project Assistance
  7. Reasonable Fee & Payable in Installments
  8. Merit Scholarships
  9. Backup AV sessions for absentees
  10. ISM UNIV has 26 years of Experience & Expertise in Training Industry
  11. ISM UNIV is the largest Training Institution in India
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  • Cranes Varsity
  • Emertex
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yes, during training period and also after training.