ISM UNIV one of the best Embedded C Training Institute in the Country

ISM UNIV is one of the best Embedded C Training Institute in the Country

ISM UNIV has 28 years of experience and excellent placements,  it’s one of the best training institutes in India. It offers courses on embedded systems, the Internet of Things/IoT, Python Programming, JAVA Programming, full stack development, and software testing. Embedded System Training Institute in Bangalore, Hyderabad, India, has retained its position as the best in the industry. In Bangalore Hyderabad, we offer the best JAVA and Python programming training.

11 Reasons Why You Would Like To Join ISM UNIV

  1. Placements from Day-1 of the course.
  2. Professional Soft skill & Interview Training.
  3. Courses are best suited for the industry.
  4. Experienced Faculty will Guide your Career.
  5. Best Infrastructure.
  6. Complete Project Assistance.
  7. Reasonable Fee & Payable in Installments.
  8. Merit Scholarships.
  9. Backup AV sessions for absentees.
  10. 27 years of Experience in the Industry.
  11. Largest Training Institution in India.

Embedded Systems & IoT

Embedded System is the core of IoT Technology, Embedded Systems, Sensors, Actuators and Communication Link becomes essentially a THING.
Embedded Systems & IoT are naturally connected technologies which can transform the world as smart world.

Embedded Systems are devices which can compute data and control actions by apropriat decision making. Once This Embedded Systems connected to Internet, they become ultra smat devices whicha can access cloud data, use the cloud for computing larger data with complex algorithms that we were unable to process at local embedded systems.

Such Connected devices can access bussiness Inteligence and can minimise the decisions to be made by human.

Course Content and Discription

Embedded and IoT courses present many unique challenges to students, such as understanding hardware and software design principles, understanding network protocols, and developing an understanding of the security implications of connected devices. At ISM UNIV, our faculties have put in place a comprehensive program that covers the essential elements of embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This includes on programming fundamentals, embedded system architectures, communication protocols, networking technologies and security capabilities. Through this program, students will gain an understanding of the core concepts related to embedded system design and IoT. Additionally, we provide practical sessions to help our students gain hands-on experience with the technology. With this knowledge, graduates from ISM UNIV are well prepared to embark into the world of embedded and IoT engineering.

Additionally, ISM UNIV provides resources that allow students to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing embedded and IoT technology landscape Next, ISM UNIV ensures to include comprehensive resources for students to understand the growing advancements of embedded systems and the Internet of Things. This is done by providing regular updates and materials on the latest trends and techniques that are used in this technology sector. By investing in such resources, students will be able to learn more about the ever-changing embedded system and IoT landscape, which is an invaluable tool in today’s competitive market.


  1. Introduction to Embedded Systems and IoT
  2. ATMega 328Architecture & Programming
  3. ARM CORTEX Architecture & Programming
  4. ARM Board Bring Up & Porting Embedded Linux
  5. Embedded Protocols (IPv6, CAN, I2C, SPI, RS-232)
  6. Advanced C Programming 
  7. Embedded C Programming
  8. Python Programming
  9. IoT Architecture 
  10. Sensors & Actuators for IoT
  11. IoT Protocols (CoAP, MQTT, OMA-DM , LWM2M )
  12. ARDUINO programming 
  13. Raspberry Pi Programming
  14. Introduction to Cloud Technology
  15. RTS & RTOS concepts
  16. Linux Internals & Programming (UBUNTU)
  17. Technology Boot-strap
    • Basics of AI & ML
    • Basics of Data Science
    • Basics of Big Data  
    • Basics of Block Chain

Projects based on   

  1. ATMega 328
  2. ARM Cortex
  3. Protocol Drivers 
  4. Internet of Things 
  5. Linux Kernal 

project Based Training

Embedded systems are the backbone of most modern-day electronics. They are responsible for the operation of many devices, including smartphones, computers, cars and much more. Embedded systems are designed to run on a single chip or microprocessor and they provide input/output functions that allow users to interact with the device.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of devices that can connect over the internet and exchange data among themselves. The goal of IoT is to create a seamless experience between all connected devices in order to make them more efficient and effective in their operations.

Placements from Day-1

Many of our students have relied on us for career-building assistance. Our company conducts at least 15 interviews per month and places students. We indeed outperform any of our competitors. Aside from working with MNCs and MSIs, we cater wide range of clients with a trained workforce and ensure our clients are satisfied with the force provided. Quality training ensures this. With our assistance and guidance, you can begin an innovative career genuinely and honestly. Until you get hired, we promise to provide you with interviews. So far, we have placed more than 15000 students. Since day 1 of the course, ISM UNIV has delivered excellent placements to its students.


  • The placement process begins on Day 1 of the course and continues afterward.
  • Interviews until you get the job; no fixed number of interviews
  • Various placements from MNCs, MSIs, startups, etc.
  • A wide range of placements are available across India
  • Training on Interview Preparation for Professionals

Individual Care for Students

A classroom is filled with individuals whose intellectual, social, and emotional needs are quite different; they learn differently and have varying potentials when understanding course concepts. Providing individual attention is a priority at ISM UNIV.

Keeping class sizes small: We offer an average student-to-professor ratio of 10:1; we are here to help you succeed personally and professionally.

Our goal is to get to know each other: It won’t take long for professors to recognize you by name. To achieve your training period and professional goals, our Faculty and staff give you one-on-one attention.

A Supportive Environment: Students at ISM UNIV can take advantage of a variety of training services. For students who need help improving their skills in labs or classes, faculty members will be able to clarify any questions they may have.

All students can achieve success through ‘Making it Possible.’:Considering our students’ diverse backgrounds, we meet them where they are and help them get where they want to go. The accessibility, affordability, and convenience of ISM UNIV attract a diverse population of students, and our team makes it possible.

The Technology Utilized at ISM UNIV

ISM UNIV has invested heavily in cutting-edge technological infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and secure connection for all students and staff. Students are provided access to high-speed internet connection and a host of software applications to support their learning, as well as the ability to connect to ISM UNIV’s intranet. The UNIV’s IT department also ensures that all systems are kept up-to-date and highly secure, protecting the safety and privacy of data stored on its servers. ISM UNIV’s commitment to investing in advanced infrastructure provides students with an optimal environment for learning and growth.

The UNIV also offers a comprehensive IT support system to ensure that any technical problems are quickly resolved. ISM UNIV provides its students with access to a variety of network resources, including computer labs and printers. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures that the students can access these resources without experiencing any technical issues. We believe that a reliable IT infrastructure is essential to providing our students with the best educational experience possible.

ISM UNIV is constantly updating its infrastructure to incorporate the latest technological trends and improve user experience All in all, the UNIV is committed to creating a modern, efficient and innovative environment by constantly updating its infrastructure. The purpose of such investment is to ensure that the latest technological trends are properly incorporated and that all users have an excellent experience. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that the UNIV is able to remain competitive within its sector.

The Smart Facilities at ISM UNIV

ISM UNIV offers state-of-the-art, smart facilities that are equipped with the latest technology and amenities to provide a dynamic learning environment for their students. The sound infrastructure of the UNIV encompasses modern lecture theatres, high-speed internet access, cutting edge laboratories and well-stocked libraries. With such resources, students can gain knowledge from the latest research and studies in both physical and digital forms. The UNIV is well-equipped to help students develop their skills, from problem solving to critical thinking, with the necessary infrastructure and guidance from experienced faculty members.

ISM UNIV is constantly investing in its infrastructure to ensure that students have access to all the resources they need to succeed Furthermore, ISM UNIV understands the importance of investment in infrastructure to be able to keep up with the ever-evolving technological and educational advances. To ensure that students have access to all the resources they need for their studies, the UNIV is dedicated to investing in infrastructure and upgrading its facilities on a regular basis. This commitment serves as a testament to their dedication in providing students with quality education.

The Role of Infrastructure in Student Success at ISM UNIV

Infrastructure plays an important role in student success at ISM UNIV, as it provides students with access to the resources they need to succeed academically. ISM UNIV provides its students with modern learning environments that are equipped with technology to facilitate the learning process. This includes a network of computers and other devices with access to the internet, a comprehensive library, and multimedia classrooms. The UNIV also ensures that all buildings have adequate facilities, including air-conditioning, running water and electricity. These resources enable students to stay focused on their academic goals and ensure that they are able to learn in a comfortable environment. Furthermore, reliable transportation options make it easy for students to access campus facilities. By providing its students with the necessary infrastructure, ISM UNIV enables them to achieve success in their studies and reach their full potential.

Good infrastructure enables students to utilize technology and cutting-edge facilities that can help them develop new skills and gain knowledge. ISM UNIV is a prime example of this, as the campus provides its students with a high-quality learning environment that is equipped with the latest technology and cutting-edge facilities. This helps create an atmosphere of learning, which in turn enables students to develop new skills and gain knowledge that can be used in both their academic and professional spheres.

High-quality infrastructure also helps ensure that students have a safe and comfortable learning environment, making them more likely to be successful in their studies However, the benefits of high-quality infrastructure go beyond the walls of ISM UNIV. It helps to ensure that students around the world have the necessary tools and frameworks to achieve their academic goals and ultimately, promotes success throughout all levels of education.

ISM UNIV is a place of learning that stands out from other Universities due to its unique infrastructure. With modern buildings, innovative teaching methods, and a diverse student body, it provides an environment that facilitates learning and encourages growth in a way that no other University can. With its focus on quality education and a supportive atmosphere, ISM UNIV is the perfect choice for any student looking to make the most out of their studies.


ISM UNIV has a unique approach to management. The University places an emphasis on the development of new and innovative management techniques, while also taking into account the traditional principles of effective management. ISM provides an environment that encourages creativity and initiative, while also promoting team building and collaboration among its students. ISM UNIV has a highly trained faculty, which is dedicated to helping its students develop their own management skills and strategies.

Training Team

ISM UNIV offers an extensive range of management training courses for students. These courses are designed to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to help students excel at their jobs. Not only do these courses provide technical knowledge, but the courses are also tailored to help employees develop important, soft skills like communication and problem-solving.

ISM UNIV is dedicated to helping its students prepare for the future by providing training courses in embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT), Java, and Python. These courses are taught by experienced professionals in the field and help students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their future endeavors. The university also offers classes in project management, which provide students with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their chosen fields. ISM UNIV provides its students with career guidance and support, helping them to make the right decisions when it comes to their future.



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