Master in IoT Development ( MIOTD )

Master in IoT Development (MIOTD) is one of its kind course conducted by ISM UNIV; Master in IoT Development is a course which is offered by ISM UNIV prepares you as matured IoT Developer, and puts you in future track with AIML implementation.

It’s designed carefully to utilize the study period effectively and train you to the skills essentially required by an IoT Developer. Master in IoT Development is a full fledged IoT Development course which you many not find many offering in the industry. 

You can compare MIOTD course with any other training centers in India or any universities offering MS/MTech programs on IoT, you would come to know that MIOTD course offered by ISM UNIV is the best and one of its kind IoT course offered in the country.

 ISM UNIV is one of the Best IoT Training Institute Bangalore, Hyderabad in India offering world class training with excellent Placements. This course takes you from Basics of IoT to Most advanced concepts of IoT Development. After Successful Completion this course the participants will be able to Execute IoT Projects Independently with maturity.

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Course Content

  1. Introduction to IoT

  2. Python Programming in depth
  3.  Sensors and Actuators
  4. Arduino Programming
  5. ESP 8266 Programming
  6. Raspberry Pi Programming
  7. IoT Protocol Suite & Connectivity
  8. AWS-IoT cloud connectivity & Configuration
  9. Thingspeak cloud connectivity & Configuration
  10. IBM Bluemix cloud connectivity & Configuration
  11. Azure-IoT cloud connectivity & Configuration
  12. Projects
    1. Smart Home
    2. Smart Health Care System
    3. Case study on Smart City
    4. Synchronized Traffic System
    5. Smart power distribution system

Excellent Placements @ ISM UNIV
100% Genuine

ISM UNIV Excellent Placements 100%: We are a proud Institution having helped most of our students in their career-building process. We conduct minimum 15 interviews per month and place students. Which is genuinely far ahead of any of our competitors. 
We have a client base across India and abroad, we work with MNC’s and MSI, we cater to all our clients with trained manpower and we ensure our client satisfied with the manpower supplied. We ensure this with Quality training.
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We promise you that we provide interviews until you get a job. We have placed 15000+ students so far…. ISM UNIV Provides Excellent Placements from day-1 of the course


11 Reasons Why You Would Like To Join ISM UNIV

  1. Placements from Day-1 of the course.
  2. Professional Soft skill & Interview Training.
  3. Courses are best suited for the industry.
  4. Experienced Faculty will Guide your Career.
  5. Best Infrastructure.
  6. Complete Project Assistance.
  7. Reasonable Fee & Payable in Installments.
  8. Merit Scholarships.
  9. Backup AV sessions for absentees.
  10. 27 years of Experience in the Industry.
  11. Largest Training Institution in India.

Technology BootStrap

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Big Data
  4. Data Science
  5. Block Chain
The use of embedded systems plays a major role in the projects at ISM Univ. Embedded systems are computer systems that are integrated into other devices or products to perform specific functions. These systems are used in a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, medical devices, transportation systems, and industrial control systems. At ISM Univ, projects related to embedded systems may include the design and development of new devices and systems, the implementation of control algorithms, the integration of sensors and actuators, and the implementation of communication protocols. These projects may involve the use of microcontrollers, embedded operating systems, and programming languages such as C or Python. The focus on embedded systems at ISM Univ reflects the growing importance of these systems in modern technology and the increasing demand for professionals with expertise in this field. The use of keyword "ISM Univ" in the description highlights the unique aspects of the projects and the focus of the university.

IoT course has 5 Projects to be completed by students before their course completion

These Projects are Real Time and Created by Project Managers & Architects and Industry Professionals, The Projects will be based on 5 Technologies:

  1. Smart Home Automation System
  2. Smart Agriculture
  3. Healthcare Monitoring System
  4. Industrial Automation System
  5. Vehicle Tracking System

course includes
  1. 80% Instructor lead Training (120 hrs) + 20% online training (104 hrs)
  2. Course Materials
  3. Certificate
  4. 100% Genuine Placements
  5. Interview Preparations

Soft-Skill Training

Soft skill training becomes an essential ingredient of any finishing school , most Corporate prefers candidates trained on soft skills. We train students on essential Soft skills like :

* Building Positive Attitude
* How to crack the Interview
* Personality Development
* Entrepreneurship Development
* Working with Team

Value Addition (FREE) for all Students

  1. 10 e-learning courses
  2. Soft copy of all software used in the course
  3. Access to E-library during course period
  4. Aptitude practice sessions
  5. Soft-skill sessions 

Companies where our students are placed

What Our Students Say

I'm thankful to ISM univ that I got placed in Disgnocare Solutions and am thankful to Rakesh sir and teachers for supporting me and guiding me until I got placed.
Thohid Baig
I am really thankful to ISM UNIV,that I got placed in Altorum Leren pvt ltd and I am thankful to Rakesh sir for supporting, guiding and showing placements for us till we get placed.
Madhu Shree

Embedded Systems are Application Specific Computers

Computers apart from General purpouse computers can be reffered as Embedded Systems.

Genral purpourse computers like PC,LAPTOPS, MINI/MAIN FRAMES & SUPER COMPTERS 

Computers apart from such General purpouse computers are classified as Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems are designed for a specific Application.

IoT – Internet of Things
Devices which gets connected to Cloud to obtain variouse CLOUD SERVICES are referred as THINGS.

INTERNET is required to connect THINGS to CLOUD.

IoT is a sub domain of Embedded Systems which elevates how Embedded Intelligent devices can come out of boundaries and localization.

Anyone who wants to peruse Career in Embedded Systems Design &Development and IoT .

Little knowledge on Electronics helps the Participants to pickup the subject Quickly, Though its not mandatory.

Engineers and Graduates with Knowldge of Electronics should be verymuch eligible to do this course.

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Embedded systems are computer systems that are integrated into other products to perform specific functions. They are designed to perform a limited number of tasks and are often found in everyday devices such as mobile phones, televisions, home appliances, and even vehicles. These systems are typically composed of a combination of hardware and software components, with the software being written to perform a specific set of tasks. The hardware component of an embedded system is designed to be compact and low-power, making it ideal for use in portable and battery-operated devices.

One of the key characteristics of embedded systems is that they are often required to operate in real-time, meaning that they must respond to inputs and events within a certain amount of time. This is in contrast to traditional computer systems, which are not required to respond to inputs in real-time. In order to meet these real-time requirements, embedded systems must be designed with a strong emphasis on efficiency and reliability. This often involves using specialized hardware components and software optimization techniques to minimize power consumption and maximize processing speed.

Another important aspect of embedded systems is that they are often integrated into larger products as part of a complete system. This means that they must be designed to work seamlessly with the other components of the system, including sensors, actuators, and other devices. To achieve this, embedded systems typically use standardized communication protocols, such as Ethernet or USB, to allow the different components of the system to communicate with each other.

Embedded systems are used in a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics and home appliances to automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. They are an essential component of many modern products and play a critical role in enabling new and innovative technologies. For example, embedded systems are used in cars to control engine functions, provide entertainment and navigation systems, and monitor safety systems such as airbags and seat belts.

In conclusion, embedded systems play a vital role in many areas of modern technology and are found in a wide range of products. They are designed to perform specific functions in a real-time environment, and must be integrated with other components to form a complete system. Their ability to perform critical tasks efficiently and reliably makes them an essential component in many modern technologies.

ISM UNIV provides training in the field of embedded systems. The university offers courses that cover both the hardware and software aspects of embedded systems, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the technology. Students can expect to learn about microcontrollers, programming languages such as C and Assembly, and the design of real-time systems. The training also covers advanced topics in embedded systems, such as the design of IoT devices, and the use of real-time operating systems.

In addition to formal coursework, students at ISM UNIV also have opportunities to work on real-world projects and develop practical skills in the design and implementation of embedded systems. The university’s state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and highly experienced faculty provide students with the tools and support they need to succeed in this field.

ISM UNIV embedded systems training is designed for students and professionals who are interested in pursuing careers in the development of embedded systems and related technologies. The curriculum is structured to provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of embedded systems and prepares students for a wide range of careers in industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical devices.

Overall, the embedded systems training at ISM UNIV provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this dynamic and rapidly growing field. With a focus on both theory and practical application, students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for a wide range of career opportunities.

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