ISM UNIV offers BLENDED courses on Embedded Systems & IoT for Working Professionals like you , Blended course give you freedom to learn, you can learn without any Time restrictions & Place restriction.

You can learn from Anywhere & Anytime.

Blended Training includes both Instructor-Led-Training and E-Learning, Blended learning gives you all the benefits of E-Learning and Instructor-Led-Training, Blended Training includes Face-To-Face Training, Virtual Classes, Webinars, Simulations, Assessments, Links and One-To-One Training.

At ISM UNIV all Hands-on sessions ( practical lab ) will be Instructor-Led-Training and Theory sessions will based on E-Learning & Instructor led.

  1. Learn the concepts via E-Learning from anywhere ( Video based )
  2. Discus with Trainer ( Q/A Sessions )
  3. Practical Labs guided by Trainer
  4. Supported by FAQs & Forum