Embedded C Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Embedded C Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad: The present world is surrounded by various types of embedded devices like Mobile phones, washing machines, Digital Video Recorders, Digital cameras, etc. In the early years of microprocessor-based systems, programs are developed using assemblers with the help of EPROM devices.

But unfortunately, there was no mechanism to find what the program is doing. They used to depend on some LED’s and switches to check the statuses and whether the program execution is correct or not. Rarely some developers have designed the In-circuit simulators but failed because of high cost and less reliability.

As the days passed, developers were slowly switching to other languages because the assembly was microprocessor specific. The target was to build a code that is common to all microprocessors and there were many languages like Pascal, Modula-2, etc. in the market already competing for that.

Among these C language was accepted for flexible programming implementation on embedded systems and desktop applications. But the present day scenario is different where C is not extensively used for desktop applications because many advanced languages are competing with it.

Embedded C Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad

C is still a better option for embedded based applications that support many tools like compilers, cross compilers, In-circuit emulators, etc.

The main advantage of using C in embedded systems is it can fit into tiny memory spaced hardware as well. This was because of the beautiful design of the language specifications by Kernighan and Ritchie. Originally it was implemented for making UNIX a portable operating system.

Best Embedded C Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad

When we consider embedded system programming it is different from desktop-based applications because we have resource constraints like (limited code memory, limited RAM, limited power consumption for processes, limited stack, etc).

The Embedded system programming goal is to get maximum features with minimum space and minimum time. Efficient embedded C programs must be small and they must be optimized for code speed and code size. Good understanding of processor architecture embedded C programming and debugging tools facilitate this.

Objected oriented language, C++ is not apt for developing efficient programs in resource-constrained environments like embedded devices. Virtual functions & exception handling of C++ are some specific features that are not efficient in terms of space and speed in embedded systems. Sometimes C++ is used only with very few features, very much like C.

Ada is different than C++ and also an object-oriented language. Originally designed by the U.S. Department of Defense, it didn’t gain popularity despite being accepted as an international standard twice (Ada83 and Ada95). However, the Ada language has many features that would simplify embedded software development.

Difference between C AND Embedded C:

Though C and embedded C appear different and are used in different contexts, they have more similarities than the differences. Most of the constructs are the same; the difference lies in their applications.

C is used for desktop computers, while embedded C is for microcontroller-based applications. Accordingly, C has the luxury to use resources of a desktop PC like memory, OS, etc. While programming on desktop systems, we need not bother about memory.

However, embedded C has to use with the limited resources (RAM, ROM, I/Os) on an embedded processor. Thus, program code must fit into the available program memory. If code exceeds the limit, the system is likely to crash.

Compilers for C (ANSI C) typically generate OS dependant executables. Embedded C requires compilers to create files to be downloaded to the microcontrollers/microprocessors where it needs to run. Embedded compilers give access to all resources which are not provided in compilers for desktop computer applications.

Embedded systems often have real-time constraints, which are usually not there with desktop computer applications. Embedded systems often do not have a console, which is available in the case of desktop applications.

So, what basically is different while programming with embedded C is the mindset for embedded applications, we need to optimally use the resources, make the program code efficiently, and satisfy real-time constraints. All this is done using the basic syntaxes, constructs and function libraries of ‘C’.

by Raghuveer Yarlagadda.

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