It’s always good to having selected in campus Recruitment but also comes with few notable disadvantages discussed bellow.


1. A student who get’s recruited in Campus would have saved time, Even before completing their degree they getting recruited that is lot’s of Time saved.

2. A Students finishes Degree in a happy mood as they have bagged a Job. They do not have to think about the job search strategies.

3. A student gets Top Branded Organizations and attracts good offers, Top MNC’s recruit students from collage and offer Good Salary Package.

4. A student who gets recruited during campus selection enjoy a better social status with the collages, class mates & family.



1. Limited opportunities, assume if your collage invited 10 companies for campus selection then you are exposed to those 10 opportunities and if you are selected in campus then you had limited opportunities in front of you. but If you are not selected then you will search job in the open market then you would be having all companies in the domain as your opportunity.

2. If you are selected in campus then there are least chances for you to choose your special area of your interest. Assume if you are an Engineer and have dreams of making Career as IoT Developer then there are least chances you getting placed in special area of your interest in Campus.

3. Most of the Campus recruitments are conducted by big organizations like MNC’s, but small sector and startups companies offer an excellent growth and learning curve, if you want to get expertise in a specific area then startup helps building your career better than an MNC. MNC’s may provide a better salary and facilities but small companies and startup provide better projects & work experience and better foundation for your career. You may not get social status but you will be satisfied with your project & Work Experiences.