PYTHON the Language which rules Digital World

From the time of its release in 1991 to today, Python has evolved, and as of 2022, documentation for version 3.9.2 had been released. It is the third most popular language used by developers and its tutorials are the most searched on the Net. A SlashData report published in ZDNet indicates there were 8.2 million Python developers in 2022, up from 7 million the previous year. Compare this to Java, which had 7.1 million users in 2018 and 7.6 million in 2022.

5 Reasons for Python’s Popularity

Today, speed of development has become essential to shorten time to market and retain competitive advantage. Another emerging trend is machine learning, which helps automate tasks and speed up processes across industries, freeing up resources to add value. Python fits the bill for both.

Python is a flexible, versatile, multi-purpose, object-oriented and high-level programming language that can be used for developing a variety of applications across platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Kivy platform to develop games for the desktop and web applications. The Django or Flask frameworks also enable Python developers to create web-based applications that are scalable and can interact with popular databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Some of the reasons for its popularity include:

  1. The Simple Language: Python uses English keywords that make it easy to learn and use. It takes a modular approach with a high degree of code readability and is an interpreted language that does away with the need for a compiler to run it.
  2. Versatility: Its modular nature enables developers to create packages for different applications such as NumPy for working with numbers, matrices and vectors; SciPy for technical and engineering computations; Pandas for data manipulation and analysis; and Scikit-Learn for AI-related operations.
  3. Pseudocode: Python allows the use of pseudocode, an algorithm that does not conform to specific syntax rules, enabling the developer to focus on the query rather than the language. This simplistic and minimalistic feature facilitates dealing with common programming tasks easily.
  4. Open Source: Python is free and open source with a large community that has been instrumental in developing the language as well as third-party libraries. Developers can access pre-written code and standard libraries, further reducing the need for coding for some common features and increasing Python’s usefulness as a development tool.
  5. Python Tools: Python developers can also benefit from a large array of tools such as Tkinter–a GUI development tool, custom python interpreters and support, internet protocol, file formats, built-in functions, and modules, among others.

Let’s Introduce you to Django (Python Framework)

Django is that one tool which can solve all your problems and in any kind of operation out there, we can use it. It’s very simple and easy to use. It’s a free and open source framework. All its features are inside Python. Now, Python is considered as the most popular language of the market.

It is a high-level Python Web framework that supports fast and clean development and designing. Django is built by experienced developers, it minimizes the hassle of Web development, so you can write your app without reinventing the complete process. Companies look to hire remote python developers having expertise in the Django framework.

Features of Django

  1. Tremendously Fast: Django was developed to support quick development ranging from concept to completion of the application.
  2. Reassuringly Secure: Django helps developers in avoiding many common security mistakes, as security is its major priority .
  3. Exceedingly Scalable: Some of the busy sites on the Web very well exercise Django’s ability to quickly and flexibly scale the product.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Python for Marketers

Python is extensively utilized in automating different tasks used for digital marketing campaigns nowadays. The most objective of using Python as an automation code development is to enhance the marketing efficiency and effectiveness to make a competitive advantage over the competitors.

Let’s find out a couple of important reasons for using the Python for marketing within the modern digital marketing field.

1. Sizable amount of knowledge Analytics Libraries

Python language is powered by numerous data analytics related libraries that are extensively useful for the digital marketing professionals. The examples of such tools include NumPy, Pandas, StatsModel, SciPy and others.

These tools are large-scale libraries for data mining, analyzing, converting, cleaning, processing, summarizing, visualizing, and reporting.

There are many other libraries that can help you get a deeper perspective on the user data that you, as a marketer, are interested in. The present-day digital marketing is useless if it is not properly driven by the meaningful information behind it.

The information can efficiently be achieved by using the power of the Python language. CTOs also look to hire python developers as their marketing needs get satisfied more easily.

2. Increased Data Mining Efficiency

By using the Python programming language, the marketers achieve huge efficiency in the data mining process. The traditional data mining processes mostly used excel sheet processing, which has its own limits and performance.

For instance, processing an excel sheet of about 100 MB data at a better speed and performance would be difficult.

But, Python code can just roll in the hay during a few seconds without sweating in the least . Thus, Python increases the efficiency of knowledge mining processes commonly used for getting insight into the marketing campaigns also as launching the new campaigns.

3. Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the core components to make your marketing campaign a success. A better ranking index of the website can help improve the visibility of your website and business.

A large number of matters related to SEO, such as 404 errors, meta tags, descriptions, robot text file, content duplication, faulty navigation map, and others can easily be detected through a custom Python code for automating the SEO process.

Once the SEO faults are detected, it is easy to remove them instantly before they could damage the search engine ranking badly. It is very critical to use the simplest white label SEO rules recommended for a high ranking index, which may be achieved by getting a deeper perspective on the web site technical and content related issues within the early stages.

4. Efficient Use of Big Data

According to the Research and Markets predictions, the global market of big data will grow over 14% CAGR for the next three years from the present value of about $65 billion in 2018.

The total volume of big data will cross 44 zettabytes by 2020. To skim the valuable information from this valuable heap of data, Python plays an important role. Developing customized Python codes to combine, process, analyze, and visualize the big data makes the big data so useful for the marketers.

5. Effective Campaign Monitoring

One of the most critical bottlenecks in making the digital marketing campaigns successful includes the monitoring and course correction of the marketing campaigns. The use of Python custom codes can make life so easy in monitoring the ads, effectiveness, clicks, checkouts, conversion rate, and other parameters in the real-time.

This monitoring can help the marketers make the campaigns more focused towards the desired segments by correcting the fault lines in the campaign components. A good Python code is able to monitor Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other ads in real time by using the APIs of the social websites.

Now, you know how Python & its framework Django works. Let’s take a look at its competitor “Java” which is also trending in the market.

Popular Companies that Switched to Python

Now we’re going to tell you about eight top-tier companies that use Python. That way you can see what great real world opportunities there are for Python development out there.

1. Industrial Light and Magic

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) is the special effects powerhouse that was founded in 1975 by George Lucas to create the FX for Star Wars.

ILM chose Python 1.4 over Perl and Tcl, opting to use Python because it had been much faster to integrate into their existing infrastructure. due to Python’s easy interoperability with C and C++.

2. Google

Google has been a supporter of Python from nearly the very beginning. The company moved to python due to the convenience of deployment and the way simple Python is to take care of .

In fact, consistent with Steven Levy– author of “In the Plex,” Google’s very first web-crawling spider was first written in Java 1.0 and was so difficult that they rewrote it into Python.

3. Facebook

The ease of using Python libraries means the assembly engineers don’t need to write or maintain the maximum number of code, allowing them to specialize in getting improvements live.

It also ensures that the infrastructure of Facebook is in a position to scale efficiently. Python is currently liable for multiple services in infrastructure management.

4. Instagram

“We initially chose to use Python because of its reputation for simplicity and practicality, which aligns well with our philosophy of ‘do the simple thing first.’ –Instagram Official.

Since then, Instagram’s engineering team has invested time and resources into keeping their Python deployment viable at the massive scale (~800 million monthly active users).

5. Spotify

This music streaming giant may be a huge proponent of Python, using the language primarily for data analysis and rear services.

The reason that the services are written in Python is because Spotify likes how briskly the event pipeline is when writing and coding in Python.

To provide suggestions and proposals for users, Spotify relies on an outsized volume of analytics.

6. Quora

Quora is a huge crowd-sourced question and answer platform thought long and hard about what language they wanted to use to implement their idea.

According to Adam D’Angelo, they decided not to go with C# because it’s a proprietary Microsoft language and they didn’t want to be beholden to any future changes put out.

7. Dropbox

It is a cloud based storage system that uses Python in its desktop client. If you have any doubt at all about how invested Dropbox is in Python, consider that in 2012, they managed to convince Guido van Rossum.

Rossum joined Dropbox under the condition that he would be an engineer, not a lead or even a manager.

8. Reddit

This website had 542 million visitors every month across 2017, making it the fourth most visited website in the United States and seventh most visited in the world.

In 2015, there have been 73.15 million submissions and 82.54 billion pageviews. Thus resulted into, forming the software backbone, with Python.

Reddit was originally coded in Lisp, but in December of 2005, six months after its launch, the site was recorded into Python.

Future Perspective and Growth of Python

It is expected that Python is having a bright future ahead, and the following reasons will justify the prediction.

  1. Python has been voted as the most favorite programming language beating C, C++ and java programming. It is an open source programming language and used to develop almost every kind of application.
  2. Python is being used worldwide as a wide range of application development and system development programming languages. Big brands and program giants are using python programming to form their task easier. Google, Yahoo, Quora, Facebook are using python programming to unravel their complex programming problems.
  3. It is flexible, robust and comprehensive programming language. Python is a high-level programming language and easy to learn as well as it reduces the coding effort compared to other programming languages.
  4. Python programming is employed to write down test scripts and test mobile devices performance. it’s one among the foremost versatile languages lately . To hire Python developers are most in demand within the IT industry lately and often paid more compared to a different language programmer.


Python has already taken place within the web application development market. It is clothed to be the simplest option. However, now, businesses also are curious about adopting Python to make custom mobile applications. within the near future, the utilization of Python to make mobile applications will increase rapidly, with the increased demand for mobile applications.

However, to transform your ideas to full-fledged products it is important for the businesses to hire python developers.

Hope this article delivered a brief understanding on how Python supports and is important for the Back-End development of a website app and will continue to do so.

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