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ISM UNIV offers courses in diverse domains to experienced professionals. These courses enable individuals to get boost in their career graph. Upgradation of skills is always a plus while climbing the corporate ladder. ISM UNIV offers courses in the following domains to working professionals

Take a leap towards the next stage of your career with the Embedded and IoT, Full stack Python, Full stack java program that has been thoughtfully designed for working professionals. Unlike a correspondence program, a distance education program by ISM UNIV supplements your learning with live online lectures & study material. All programs are also structured and scheduled to allow for a fulfilling work, life & study balance.

Explore any interest or trending topic, take prerequisites, and advance your skills
Spend less money on your learning if you plan to take multiple courses this year
Learn at your own pace, move between multiple courses, or switch to a different course
Earn a certificate for every learning program that you complete at no additional cost

in a world which is evolving at a rapid pace, new territories of knowledge are being discovered every day, one cannot afford to stop learning. What was a lot of information’ for yesterday might be ‘too little’ for tomorrow. No one wants to lag behind in terms of knowledge and expertise. It is the reason why Short-term Professional Courses are gaining popularity.

1. Reap Long-term Benefits

These courses focus on backing up your knowledge with the relevant skills. They fill out the knowledge gaps you have and help you stay ahead of the curve. Not only does it help you get a rewarding job but a rewarding & fulfilling career.

2. Enhance your Career

Sharpening your skills with short-term courses help you get a competitive edge in the workplace. It showcases your willingness to compete, develop and learn. It is something that every employer looks for in its employees. It’s needless to say that it makes you an indispensable resource for any organization.

3. Grow in your Interest Zone

There can be something which you are really interested in but never got a chance to do anything with it. Short-term courses help you explore and be really good at things which interests you. These courses are loaded with practical trainings and projects which help you learn by doing and not just reading. For example, there are many people who chose Web Designing course out of interest and now they have made successful careers out of it.

4. Balance your Lifestyle

Short-term courses are ideal choices for those who would like to study whilst maintaining their career and income. The flexibility allows them to learn without disrupting their work-life balance. These courses are customized as per your requirements, whether you are a student or a working professional.

5. Easy on your Pocket

The Short-term professional courses are relatively cheaper than the full-time courses. This makes it an excellent option for people who cannot invest huge amounts of money but want high quality training and education.

With the advent and growth of the Digital industry, it has become imperative to keep yourself updated with the latest streams of knowledge. People skilled in the field of App Development, Web Designing, Digital Marketing, etc. are in high demand and the demand is only going up.

Short-Term courses offered at ISM UNIV


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